What is a Panel Fence?

Panel fences are fencing systems made from durable materials such as steel or aluminum, consisting of single-piece panels. These panels can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes and have a modular structure. Panel fences are used for purposes such as perimeter security, boundary delineation, area separation, and landscaping. These fences, an indispensable element of modern structures, provide practical and durable solutions that meet both security and aesthetic needs. Our company offers a wide range of panel fence systems to cater to various needs, providing the most suitable options for our customers.

Types of Panel Fences

Panel fences are available in various types according to their usage areas and requirements. Here are the most preferred types of panel fences:

3D Single Panel Fences

3D Single Panel fences stand out with their aesthetic designs and durability. These fences are made of three-dimensional shaped wires and are generally ideal for residences, schools, parks, and public areas. The 3D structure provides both strength and a modern appearance.

2D Double Panel Fences

2D Double Panel fences are created by arranging horizontal and vertical wires in two layers. These fences offer high durability and security. They are especially preferred in industrial facilities, warehouses, and areas requiring high security. The double-layer structure provides extra strength.

High-Security Fences

High-security fences are designed for areas requiring maximum security. These fences are usually equipped with high walls, razor wires, and additional security measures. They are used in high-security areas such as airports, military zones, and prisons.

Decorative Panel Fences

Decorative panel fences are ideal for areas where aesthetic concerns are a priority. These fences, available in different colors and patterns, are used in landscaping, parks, and gardens. They provide security while adding elegance to the environment.

Sports Area Fences

Sports area fences are special fences used in sports facilities. Designed for football fields, tennis courts, and other sports areas, they are durable and prevent the ball from passing through.

Mobile (Portable) Panel Fences

Portable mobile panel fences offer ideal solutions for temporary areas. These fences, practical and quick to set up, are suitable for temporary use such as construction sites, events, and fairs. They are easy to transport and reusable.

Usage Areas of Panel Fences

Panel fences have a wide range of applications and are frequently used in the following areas:

  • Industrial Facilities and Factories: Ideal for security and area demarcation.
  • Construction Sites: Used for temporary security and enclosure.
  • Residential Complexes and Villas: Preferred for aesthetics and security.
  • Public Buildings and Schools: Suitable for security and boundary delineation.
  • Parking Lots and Shopping Centers: Used to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic and ensure security.

Panel Fence Prices

Panel fence prices vary depending on many different factors. These factors include the fence material, dimensions, quality, installation and assembly costs, and market supply and demand conditions. Generally, panel fences made from higher quality and more durable materials are sold at higher prices. As a manufacturer, we offer our customers the best prices without compromising on quality and durability.

Advantages of Panel Fences

Panel fences have many advantages, including aesthetic appearance, durability, easy installation, various color options, ease of maintenance, and long lifespan. These advantages distinguish panel fences from other fencing systems and are among the reasons for their preference. Panel fences are an ideal solution for those who want to meet their security needs and achieve an aesthetic appearance simultaneously.

As a manufacturing company, we offer various panel fence options to customers who want to surround their environment securely and stylishly. By choosing the panel fence that best suits your needs, you can ensure both security and aesthetics.

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