Septagrass Artificial Grass Fences

Septagrass Grass Fence: Aesthetic, Fancy and Environmentally Friendly Design

Experience the future of fencing with Septagrass—a cutting-edge synthetic grass chain-link fence meticulously crafted from galvanized twine and artificial grass. Its hassle-free installation feature allows you to effortlessly create a captivating and expansive atmosphere with a Septagrass wall in no time. Perfect for a range of settings, including restaurants, cafes, tennis courts, basketball courts, schools, and terraces, Septagrass adds an air of sophistication that sets it apart from the cold and conventional wire mesh.

Constructed using robust galvanized wires, Septagrass ensures resilience against diverse weather conditions, particularly UV rays notorious for causing fading. Its non-flammable nature makes it a preferred choice for privacy fencing. As a non-fading, spill-proof, washable, and easily maintainable product, Septagrass is gaining popularity for its convenient installation.

The rise of grass chain-link fencing establishes it as the optimal choice for those seeking to replace outdated and rusty fences. Witness the refreshing allure of a vibrant green fence, a stark contrast to the worn-out appearance of traditional rusty barriers. Elevate your surroundings with Septagrass—a fusion of elegance and innovation in fencing.

Technical Details

  • Mesh Opening: The fence has a mesh opening of 45×45 mm, providing an aesthetic appearance while creating a secure environment.
  • Material and Manufacturing: The grass fence is crafted with the combination of durable galvanized wires and environmentally friendly, UV-protected PVC.
  • Height Options: Offered in various heights, the grass fence provides a wide range of options to meet landscaping needs (80 cm – 200 cm).
  • Rolled Production: Manufactured in rolled form for easy transportation and installation.
  • Long Roll Lengths: When unrolled, the length of the fence is 500 cm or 1000 cm, making it ideal for large areas.

Durability and Environmentally Friendly Design

The Septagrass grass fence is resistant to high temperatures and cold weather conditions due to its UV-protected PVC coating. This feature ensures it can be confidently used in any climate.

Aesthetic and Versatile Applications

Our grass fence, with various height options and a natural appearance, offers a wide range of uses from gardens to public spaces. Its aesthetic design enhances your surroundings while providing a secure boundary.

Technical Details

Product TypeSeptagrass Artificial Grass Chain-Link Fence
Mesh Eye Size45 x 45 mm
WireØ 1,60 mm x 2 Lines
Wire TwistingDouble Twisted
Wire TypeHot Dipped Galvanized Wire
Galvanization Rate50 – 90 gr/m²
Wire StandardsEN10244,BS443,DIN 1548,ASTM A475
PVC Thickness100 micron (+/- % 10 )
PVC Width80 mm (+/- % 2,5 )
PVC UV%99 UV Reinforced PVC
Color%50 Dark Green +  %50 Light Green
Weight ( m² / Kg )~ 2,45 Kg/m²
Available Heights80 cm
100 cm
120 cm
140 cm
150 cm
160 cm
170 cm
180 cm
190 cm
200 cm
Available Lengths500 cm
1000 cm
Warranty3 Years Against Fading + 10 Years Against Rust
PackagingRoll with special fabric hats from both side

Product Features

Easy Installation

You can apply in minutes without any help.

UV Protection

UV protective, never fades away.

Flame Resistant

Product material is flame resistant.


Make your place more private in minutes.

Natural Look

It's natural look will give you a cozy mood.

Strong Material

It has the best quality material.


Provides a secure place for you.

Low Cost

The most cost efficient product in market.

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