Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Crafted with precision, our galvanized chain-link wire fence stands out for its exceptional technical specifications. The wire is hot-dip galvanized to ensure maximum corrosion resistance, with a coating that adheres to industry standards. Mesh sizes and wire gauges are carefully chosen to provide optimal strength and durability, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable fencing solution.

Usage Areas

Versatile and adaptive, our galvanized chain-link wire fence finds application in a myriad of settings. Whether securing residential properties, commercial spaces, sports facilities, or industrial complexes, this fence serves as a robust barrier. Its open-weave design allows for unobstructed visibility, making it ideal for use in parks, schools, airports, and various other public spaces.


Corrosion Resistance: The hot-dip galvanization process provides an effective shield against corrosion, ensuring a fence that withstands the test of time and environmental elements.

Strength and Durability: Engineered with carefully selected materials and mesh configurations, our fence delivers superior strength and durability, contributing to its longevity and reliability.

Visibility and Aesthetics: The open-weave design maintains visibility without compromising security, and the galvanized finish offers a clean and polished appearance that enhances the overall aesthetics of the fencing solution.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed for convenience, our galvanized chain-link wire fence is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for various applications.

Choose our galvanized chain-link wire fence for a solution that seamlessly combines technical excellence, adaptability, and lasting performance. Trust in our commitment to quality, ensuring your property is safeguarded with the best in fencing technology.

Technical Details

Raw MaterialHot Dipped Galvanized Wire
Coating Thickness50 – 90 gr/m²
Tensile Strength 400 – 500 N/mm²
Available Heights 80 cm
100 cm
120 cm
140 cm
150 cm
160 cm
180 cm
200 cm
220 cm
250 cm
300 cm
400 cm
500 cm
600 cm
Available Lengths500 cm
1000 cm
1500 cm
2000 cm
Warranty10 Years Against Rust
Wire Thickness (Ø)Mesh Size
40 x 40 mm45 x 45 mm50 x 50 mm55 x 55 mm60 x 60 mm65 x 65 mm70 x 70 mm75 x 75 mm
2,00 mm
2,10 mm
2,20 mm
2,30 mm
2,35 mm
2,40 mm
2,50 mm
2,60 mm
2,70 mm
2,80 mm
3,00 mmXX
3,50 mmXX
4,00 mmXX

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