Flat Wrap Razor Wires

Flat Wrap Razor Wires: Enhanced Security for Every Environment

Flat Wrap Razor Wire Fence, a cutting-edge security solution offered by MG Demir & Çelik, is designed to elevate security measures for a variety of environments. This innovative razor wire variant combines advanced technology with durability, providing an effective deterrent against unauthorized access.

Easy Installation and Versatile Application

Flat Wrap Razor Wires are engineered for easy installation, ensuring a quick and efficient setup. This versatile security solution is suitable for various applications, including perimeter fencing, residential areas, industrial facilities, and high-security zones. Its adaptability makes it a reliable choice for enhancing security in diverse environments.

Visual Deterrent and Physical Barrier

Flat Wrap Razor Wire Fences acts not only as a visual deterrent but also as a robust physical barrier. Its flat profile, featuring sharp blades, makes climbing nearly impossible, discouraging any attempts at intrusion. This dual functionality enhances security by creating a formidable obstacle against unauthorized access.

Durable Materials for Enhanced Longevity

Crafted from high-quality galvanized or stainless steel materials, Flat Wrap Razor Wires offer exceptional durability. This ensures resistance against corrosion, weather elements, and other environmental factors, providing a long-lasting and reliable security solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Difficult to Tamper or Cut

The design of Flat Wrap Razor Wire makes it particularly challenging to tamper with or cut without the use of specialized tools. This added security feature ensures that the barrier remains intact and effective, even in the face of determined attempts at circumvention.

Customizable Solutions for Specific Needs

MG Demir & Çelik understands that different environments have unique security requirements. With this in mind, our Flat Wrap Razor Wires come in various configurations and sizes, allowing for customization based on specific security needs. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of security applications.

MG Demir & Çelik Flat Wrap Razor Wires represent a state-of-the-art security solution that prioritizes both effectiveness and durability. To explore how this innovative razor wire can enhance the security of your property or facility, contact us for tailored solutions. With MG Demir & Çelik, experience security that goes beyond expectations.

Technical Details

Product Type  Flat Wrap Razor Barbed Wire
Quality Standard  EN 8745
Raw Materials  Hot Dipped Galvanized Wires , AISI 430 Steel Wires , AISI 304 Steel Wires
Core Wires  AISI 304 , AISI 430 Steel Wires or Hot Dipped Galvanized Wires
Core Wire Diameters  Ø 2,50 mm (±0.05)
Blade Thickness  0,50 mm (±0.05)
Available Blade Types  BTO 10  – Short Blade
BTO 22 – Medium Blade
CBT 65 – Butterfly Blade
Available Diameters  Ø 450 mm
Ø 600 mm
Ø 700 mm
Ø 965 mm

BTO 10 Technical Details

Barb Thickness 0,50 mm
Barb Length 10 mm 
Barb Width  13 mm
Barb Spacing  25 mm
Core Wire Diameter  Ø 2,50 mm

BTO 22 Technical Details

Barb Thickness 0,50 mm
Barb Length 22 mm
Barb Width  16 mm
Barb Spacing  35 mm
Core Wire Diameter  Ø 2,50 mm

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