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Setting Benchmarks in Security, Aesthetic Designs, and Functionality

MG Demir & Çelik emerges as a leading entity meticulously crafted to deliver customized solutions addressing your unique security requirements. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing 2D, 3D, and high-security wire fence systems, we present a seamless blend of durability, aesthetic finesse, and elevated security standards to our valued clientele.

Technical Precision and Quality Assurance

Our fence posts undergo a meticulous crafting process, employing top-tier galvanized profiles coated with the renowned JOTUN brand electrostatic powder paint. This precision ensures that our products receive enduring protection. Our 2D-3D fence posts are available in diverse sizes and thicknesses:

  • 40x40x1.50 mm
  • 40x40x2.00 mm
  • 50x50x1.50 mm
  • 50x50x2.00 mm
  • 40x60x1.50 mm
  • 40x60x2.00 mm
  • 60x60x1.50 mm
  • 60x60x2.00 mm
  • 80x80x2.00 mm
  • 80x80x3.00 mm
  • 80x80x4.00 mm, and more.

Furthermore, we provide fence pipe posts in various sizes and thicknesses:

  • Ø 48×1.50 mm
  • Ø 48×2.00 mm
  • Ø 48×3.00 mm
  • Ø 60×1.50 mm
  • Ø 60×2.00 mm
  • Ø 60×3.00 mm, and more.

Each post comes backed by a 10-year rust-proof guarantee, instilling unwavering confidence in our customers.

Corner Posts and Diverse Clip Options

MG Demir & Çelik introduces specially designed corner posts and an array of clip choices to elevate the durability and aesthetic integrity of your fence system. Whether it’s metal clips, plastic clips, spider clips, or 2D panel fence clips, our special clips provide versatility for securely mounting your fences.

Installation Versatility and Stainless Steel Anchors

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, MG Demir & Çelik presents diverse installation options. Fence posts are designed for embedding in concrete or mounting on concrete with various stainless steel anchors, providing flexibility to suit your preferences.

Plastic Fence Post Caps and Intelligent Fastening Solutions

Enhancing aesthetics, our plastic fence post caps not only provide a polished appearance but also shield your fence systems from external elements. Additionally, the use of smart screws streamlines the installation process, offering practical solutions to our esteemed customers.

Tailored Production and Extensive Product Diversity

MG Demir & Çelik stands ready to promptly respond to customer demands, producing fence posts, corner posts, and special clips of any desired height. Our extensive product range ensures you can discover diverse security solutions that align with your specific needs.

Explore New Dimensions in Security with MG Demir & Çelik—Where Aesthetic Designs, Durability, and Functionality Unite!

Technical Details

Product Name  Fence Posts
Raw Material  Galvanized Construction Profiles
Quality  DX51 D + Z
Available Square Posts  40x40x1.50 mm
40x40x2.00 mm
50x50x1.50 mm
50x50x2.00 mm
40x60x1.50 mm
40x60x2.00 mm
60x60x1.50 mm
60x60x2.00 mm
80x80x2.00 mm
80x80x3.00 mm
80x80x4.00 mm
Available Tubular Posts  Ø 48×1,50 mm
Ø 48×2,00 mm
Ø 48×3,00 mm
Ø 60×1,50 mm
Ø 60×2,00 mm
Ø 60×3,00 mm
Paint Coating  Electrostatic Powder Paint ”JOTUN”
Coating (For Black Profiles or Tubes)  Min. 300 gr/m² Hot Dip Galvanize
Available Base Plates (Flanges)  120x120x4,00 mm
120x130x4,00 mm
100x150x4,00 mm
150x150x5,00 mm
Screws (3D Fence Posts)  Self Tapping Screws
Bolts (2D and 358 Fences Posts)  M8x40 mm
M8x60 mm
M8x80 mm
M8x100 mm
Rivet Nuts (2D Fence Posts)  M8 Hexagonal Head
Steel Dowels  M10x85 mm Standard
M10x110 mm
M12x90 mm
M12x110 mm
Clips (3D Fence Posts)  Metal or Plastic Clips
Clips (2D Fence Posts)  Metal Euro Type Clips
Clips (358 Fence Posts)  Metal Spider Type Clips
Fence Posts  Plastic or ABS

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