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We are proud to produce high quality black annealed construction wires from 0.89 mm to 4.00 mm in annealed wire manufacturing. Our meticulous manufacturing process involves subjecting the wire to an intensive 11-hour annealing process in ovens set at 900 to 950 degrees Celsius.

Annealed construction wires are known for their exceptional strength, flexibility and uniformity. This annealing process imparts crucial properties to the wire, increasing its malleability and making it well-suited for a variety of construction applications.

It is a company specialized in the production of black annealed wire to meet the requirements of the construction industry. Our company produces black annealed wires that offer superior durability, flexibility and reliability with quality raw materials and modern production techniques. As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we strive to supply products to both local and national construction projects.

MG Demir offers a wide range of products to its customers by selling wholesale construction wire. Whether for large construction projects or small scale applications, our black annealed wires are available in good quality and at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is the fundamental principle of our company and that is why we ensure reliability and fast delivery on every order.

What is Annealed Wire?

Black annealed wire is obtained by strengthening steel wire by annealing process. The annealing process is carried out by heating the wire at a certain temperature and cooling it slowly. This process increases the flexibility of the wire by changing its internal structure, making it more durable and malleable. Black annealed wire is widely used in framing, concrete reinforcement, fencing and a variety of other applications, especially in the construction industry.

Features and Advantages of Annealed Wire

Annealed wire offers several advantages:

  • Flexibility: The annealing process increases the flexibility of the wire, making it easy to shape and adapt to different construction applications.
  • Durability: Black annealed wires resist harsh construction conditions with their excellent durability.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Black annealed coating increases the wire’s resistance to corrosion, which ensures the wire’s long life.
  • Diversity: Black annealed wires, which can be produced in different sizes and sizes, are suitable for various construction applications.

Usage areas of annealed wires

  • Framing: Used to create frameworks in construction projects.
  • Concrete Reinforcement: Ideal for strengthening concrete structures.
  • Fencing: Can be used for security and boundary setting purposes.
  • Other Construction Needs: Provides a flexible and reliable solution at different stages of projects.

We are a leading manufacturer company in the production and wholesale of annealed construction wire. We are a reliable solution partner for construction projects with our products that offer superior quality, durability and flexibility. As a manufacturer of black annealed construction wire, we constantly work to offer the best products to our customers and contribute to their reliable foundation.

Technical Details

ProductConstruction Wires
Raw MaterialLow carbon steel, SAE 1006 – SAE 1008
Wire DiametersØ 0,89 mm
Ø 1,00 mm
Ø 1,20 mm
Ø 1,50 mm
Ø 2,00 mm
Ø 2,00 mm – 4,00 mm
Tensile Strength300 – 450 N/mm²
% Elongation– 32
Annealing Duration9 – 11 Hours
Annealing Temperature900° – 950° 
Packaging25 – 50 Kg Coils

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