Construction Nails

Construction Nails

Construction nails, versatile in their applications, serve as fundamental components across a broad spectrum of building and woodworking projects. Their varied types and sizes cater to specific needs in diverse construction contexts.

Framing: Construction nails are extensively used in framing structures, securing the skeleton of buildings with precision and stability. They play a key role in connecting beams, studs and other framing elements.

Roofing: These nails are crucial in the roofing industry, where they securely fasten roofing materials, such as shingles and tiles, ensuring weather resistance and structural integrity.

Carpentry and Woodworking: In general carpentry and woodworking, construction nails find application in assembling wooden components, crafting furniture, and creating various wooden structures.

Fencing: Construction nails play a vital role in fencing projects, providing a reliable solution for attaching fence panels to posts and ensuring the durability of the overall fence structure.

Flooring: Nails are employed in fixing flooring materials, such as wooden planks or laminate, contributing to the stability and longevity of the flooring system.

Concrete Formwork: For concrete formwork, specialized construction nails are utilized to secure the formwork in place during the pouring and setting of concrete, ensuring precise shapes and structures.

General Construction: Whether for temporary structures or permanent fixtures, construction nails are indispensable in a wide range of general construction applications, offering robust and reliable fastening solutions.

As a leading provider of construction nails, we prioritize delivering products that meet the exacting standards of the construction industry. Our nails stand as a testament to strength, durability, and precision, catering to the diverse needs of builders and craftsmen across various construction projects.

Technical Details

ProductConstruction Nails
Raw MaterialLow Carbon Steel – SAE 1010
Nail Diameter (Ø)2,50 mm – 6,00 mm
Nail Length40 – 200 mm
Nail Head TypeCountersunk Head
Head DiameterNail Body x 2
FinishTumbled and bright
Packaging5 Kg – 10 Kg – 25 Kg in Cartoon Boxes
O.E.M. PackagingOEM packaging is available in accordance with the minimum order quantity.

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