2D – 868 Double Rod Fences

2D – 868 Double Rod Fences

Explore the durability and extended lifespan of our 868 Type 2D Double Panel Fence, a superior choice compared to 3D Panel Fences utilizing 8mm horizontal and a single 6mm vertical galvanized wires.

Structure of 868 Type 2D Double Panel Fence

Experience the strength of our double-bar structure, featuring two robust horizontal bars and a single vertical bar passing through the center vertically. The thicker horizontal bars provide enhanced resilience against external impacts.

Raw Materials of 868 Type 2D Double Panel Fence

Crafted from hot-dip galvanized wires, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance against rust.

  • Vertical Wires: Ø 7.80 mm Hot-Dip Galvanized Wire (50-70 gr/m²)
  • Horizontal Wires: Ø 5.80 mm Hot-Dip Galvanized Wire (50-70 gr/m²)

Colors of 868 Type 2D Double Panel Fence

Our company exclusively utilizes ‘JOTUN’ brand paint, offering a sleek finish. While RAL 6005 (Moss Green) and RAL 7016 (Anthracite Grey) are popular choices, customization with any RAL-coded colors is available upon request.

Security Features of 868 Type 2D Double Panel Fence

Benefit from a high-security level, as the double-bar structure enhances fence strength, ensuring robust security.

Usage Areas of 868 Type 2D Double Panel Fence

Home and Site Security: Enhance security and aesthetics for home and site enclosures.

Industrial Facilities: Ideal for security in factories, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

Public and Commercial Spaces: Utilize for restriction and security in school surroundings, parks, and commercial areas.

Discover the unmatched strength and versatility of our 868 Type 2D Double Panel Fence for various security needs.

Technical Details

Product Type868 Double Rod Fence Panel
Vertical WiresØ 8,00 mm
Horizontal WiresØ 6,00 mm
Mesh Size50×200 mm
Raw MaterialHot Dipped Galvanized Wire
Galvanize Rate50-90 gr/m²
FinishingElectrostatic Powder Paint
Powder PaintJOTUN
ColorsHot-Dip Galvanized
RAL 6005 Moss Green
RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
Any RAL Color Upon Request
Available Heights630 mm
830 mm
1030 mm
1230 mm
1430 mm
1630 mm
1830 mm
2030 mm
2230 mm
2430 mm
Available Lengths2000 mm
2500 mm
Warranty10 years against corrosion
Packaging50 Panels / Pallet

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